Hobart ADHD Consultant

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At Hobart ADHD Consultants we feel strongly about the importance of using a neurodiversity-affirming approach.  We respect and value the perspectives of people with lived experience of ADHD, and ensure that these perspectives inform all aspects of our work.

We are passionate about people with ADHD reaching their full potential.  We aim to assist people with ADHD to face challenges with confidence, and to make the absolute most of their full set of strengths.  We aim to support them in developing and maintaining a strong sense of wellbeing and self-worth.  We aim to assist their loved ones to feel confident in understanding and supporting them, and in encouraging them and cheering them on.  We aim to assist everyone to enjoy positive and nurturing relationships.

Services for Professionals

Dr Maddi Derrick, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Hobart ADHD Consultants, is able to provide education, professional development and consultancy services for:

  • Health and allied health services
  • Child and family services and other community services
  • Tertiary educators
  • People and culture professionals and employers from varied sectors

Maddi regularly contributes to media around ADHD, and welcomes requests for input on ADHD-related topics. 

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