Hindmarsh Plumbing

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The Hindmarsh Plumbing Team supports our clients and is committed to timely project delivery and excellent outcomes.

Hindmarsh Plumbing was established in 1973 as a part of the Sarah Group with the purpose of delivering superior commercial plumbing services to the South Australian marketplace.

We have the capabilities to deliver any project within the disciplines of hydraulic commercial plumbing. Our strengths include but are not limited to, the installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of gas fitting, civil and allied services for the commercial and industrial sector.

Our experience with small contract work is extensive and incorporates both our Construction and Service Teams and is spread over a variety of industries including defence, health and aged care, retail, education, retirement, hospitality, sporting venues, industrial and mechanical, offices and commercial and residential.

Our Head Office at Hindmarsh and field office located in the Northern suburbs ensures rapid response times for clients across the metropolitan area.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted construction partner to deliver safe and hygienic water infrastructure solutions. We will be the integral link in complex project delivery by having the most technically capable team of people to build strong relationships with a focus on quality, systems and industry leadership.

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