Gorilla Chiropractic

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Your Local Kensington Chiropractic Clinic

Gorilla Chiropractic was founded in 2017. We provide chiropractic care in Kensington, near South Perth. Our chiropractors have a particular interest in helping families, FIFO workers and sports enthusiast. Our mission is to create a physically and mentally unstoppable community who can live life on their terms without limits. Our approach at Gorilla Chiropractic is more than a simple quick fix.

We use a physical style of therapy for those that to feel like they have been worked on. Gorilla Chiropractic invests in non-invasive technology to diagnose and track your progress. Some of which include the sEMG (visualise how nerves are working from spine to muscles), HRV (measure the heart rate that may be related to stress, poor sleep) and use tools like the Activator and the Impulse Gun.

Dr Ryan Gleeson (chiropractor) is also an athlete and understands the physical and mental demands of sport. He believes that Chiropractic care is a small part of a bigger picture of health. This is why he regularly share free health and wellness content to encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle.

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152 Douglas Ave, Kensington WA 6151,6151,Douglas Ave,Perth