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The benefits of mulching reach well below the soil surface. Not only does it give your garden an instant facelift, but it also provides a blanket for your plants. Mulching will stop your soil from drying out, keeping the moisture in, and can reduce watering by up to 60 percent. It keeps the ground cooler in summer and warmer in winter, suppresses weeds, and provides nutrients as it breaks down, improving the structure and increasing biological activity in the soil.

Find Quality Mulch Supplies at Gembrook Garden Supplies

Here at Gembrook Garden Supplies you will find a range of mulch types for your different needs. There’s our Black Mulch, made from recycled timber and coloured using environmentally safe dyes. It will look stunning in your garden, retaining its rich black colour for a good length of time. 

If you are searching for more natural mulch supplies, then why not check out our Bush Mulch? Sometimes this one is known as Tree Loppers Mulch, as we reclaim the waste produced from tree prunings, and turn it into rich aged mulch for your garden that’s affordably priced. 

If you need mulch supplies for a play area or park, then our Playground Mulch is for you. This certified Softfall Mulch meets the requirements of the AS/NZS 4422 for undersurfacing materials.

Our Organic Mulch, or Moisture Mulch, is one for the green thumbs out there. We heat treat our composted and aged green waste mulch, creating a dark, rich mulch that is high in organic matter and perfect for soil rejuvenation and water retention.

No order is too big or too small, so come in to pick up some mulch today, or organise delivery at a time that suits you.

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