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Inorganic Mulches

Crushed terracotta or scoria – a volcanic material, make a great decorative mulch whilst allowing moisture to go right through to the soil. These and other inorganic materials are particularly great for bushfire prone areas because they don’t burn. Crushed rock, like quartz is great for really hot climates because the light colour means it reflects the maximum amount of heat away from the plants roots

Living Mulches

Any dense, low growing plant like a prostrate Melaleuca hypericifolia ‘Ulladulla Beacon’ (Prostrate Honey Myrtle) is perfect for insulating the soil surface and suppressing weed growth. If the garden bed is situated on a steep slope or bank, planting ground covers will also help prevent erosion and won’t wash away like other mulches. Viola hederacae (native violet) is a great option for a shady spot, while in a sunny position Brachyscome (Native Daisies) are a good choice.

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