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Being an owner of Mac, you know how to value the money that you have spent on the device. We at Footprint I.T value every buck that you have spent and ensured that we provide you the best maintenance and repair services.

Apple MAC us one of the few PC and laptop device which are quite sustainable and reliable, however, like everything, they do break down. For which we at Footprint I.T offer the repair and maintenance services. Every Mac users seek a computer repairer who is experienced, trustworthy and reliable. We at Footprint I.T are the company which believes in winning the trust of the customer by our services, our bonding and the compliance and satisfaction we seek from our services. We cover the MacPro, PowerBooks, eMac, iBook, Macintosh, iMac, MacBook, iPhones and iPads in the Mac repair and maintenance services.

Major issues that might come into your Mac are listed below for awareness. We want to make sure that our client knows what their PC or laptop might be having and how we offer the best solution for that problem.

Major MAC Issues

  • Booting and troubleshooting issues of the OS
  • Data Recovery issues from the Mac hard drive
  • CD-ROM issues
  • Cursor or mouse pad freezing or spinning
  • Hard drive up gradation and replacement with Solid State Hard “SSD” for better PC performance Upgrade of OS need due to system slowdown
  • Password recovery
  • Broken LED, Keyboard or mouse pad
  • Water or fall damage

Our experts offer a guarantee of fixing all the issues as they are trained to know the insides and outsides of the Mac devices by heart.

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