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Premium Physiotherapy Services in Sydney CBD

You are currently researching the next level of elite physiotherapists in Sydney, if not the country.
So, you’ve come to the right place.
What allows us to make such a statement? Well, let’s explore…

We are fortunate enough to boast the expertise of 8 highly competent, yet warm & empathetic, physios.
We have 5 ELITE physiotherapists trained in teaching Pilates informed exercises.
We have 2 amazing ‘Wow Factor’ locations.
We have 1 (of only 2) $70,000.00, Alter G, anti-gravity treadmills that are accessible by the public in Sydney CBD.
We are super proud of our 53 years combined experience in physiotherapy in Sydney CBD.
We have been in Sydney CBD for 16+ years.
We have previously worked with The Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Club.
We regularly travel to the USA to collaborate with elite sporting organisations:
The Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA, & The Houston Texans of the NFL.


Our friendly physios only use hands-on treatment and exercise therapy to manage the wide variety of injuries and complex pains that present to Evoker. We pride ourselves on providing premium quality physiotherapy services and back our ability to offer you the most effective and efficient treatment protocols, ensuring you of the most rapid recovery possible.

At Evoker, we are often asked to provide 2nd and 3rd opinions on more complex cases, and thus, we provide a number of services that compliment the work of your physiotherapist – all aiding in a very speedy recovery for you. Please ask your physiotherapist for advice regarding the services that may be of particular use to you, and when to incorporate such work into your rehabilitation program. Please see a full list of our services below.

Main point being, if you have a musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction, a physical therapist is who you need to see. When you walk through the front doors of Evoker Premium Physiotherapy Spaces – you will know that you have arrived at the right place. A physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment, provide an accurate diagnosis, and appropriately treat and advise individuals who may be experiencing pain, or injury. The aim of physiotherapy is to aid in one’s recovery and maximise their potential for healing, helping them to return to sport or optimal daily function as soon as is possible.

People will typically come to see a physiotherapist if they are experiencing pain, movement limitation or dysfunction, weakness, changes to sensation (in the form of pins and needles or numbness), and/or impaired function in the activities of daily living.
 Physios will use a variety of treatment techniques, and these do depend on the particular patient presentation.

Our team provide care for conditions such as; neck painheadacheslow back painshoulder painelbow painhand/wrist painhip/groin painknee painfoot & ankle pain.

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Colonial Mutual Life Building, 14 Martin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia,2000,Pitt Street,sydney