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Tree Removal in Melbourne

There are many reasons why tree removal may be required on your property. A tree may have died, making it dangerous and unsightly. Trees may have outgrown their location, putting pressure on buildings, paths or services. Trees may be unwanted due to land development or renovations or they could be one of many weed species growing in Melbourne. Whatever the reason, the Qualified Arborists at Eucalyptus Tree Services are the people to call for all your tree removal services.

Our Qualified Arborists have over 15 years experience in expert tree removal and have the skills and equipment to help with all your tree removal needs. We cater for residential and commercial clients including real estate and body corporate agencies, schools, builders and developers, home and property owners and local government.

Our highly trained arborists are skilled to take on any tree removal in Melbourne job, from the smallest trees to the very biggest. We have extensive experience removing large trees in confined spaces and our highly skilled arborists are backed up by $20 million in public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

So for all your tree removal needs, look no further than Eucalyptus Tree Services. For a free, no obligation quote please call  0402 328 321 today.

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