Ethical Tees

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We know that creating products has an impact on the planet. That’s why we only work with responsible suppliers using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) cotton as a minimum. But on top of that, as a responsible organisation we have a bigger role to play.

Ethical Tees

Ethical Tees is committed to producing environmentally friendly products. Based in Sydney all our manufacturing is done locally by our expert team. We only use fair trade products and sustainable printing practices.

Each item is created with care to ensure an unbelievably soft and beautiful finish. All our products come with an ethical guarantee so you can be sure you’re doing your part for the planet.

4 Reasons to Print with Ethical Tees

Great Quality

First and foremost we produce great quality products that last. Each item is created with care to ensure an unbelievably soft and beautiful finish. All made by our expert team, right here in Sydney, Australia.

The Extra Mile

Printing is done with water based, eco friendly ink (which is also vegan btw). We’ve done away with toxic plastic ink that contains harmful resins and plastic waste products. Our inks are good for the environment, and even better for your skin.

Eco Friendly

We work closely with the world’s best ethical clothing suppliers to offer an unparalleled range of organic, Fair Labour, Fair Trade, sweatshop free Apparel. We only use socially responsible suppliers and sustainable printing practices.

We Give Back

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