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Are you worried about that broken screen of your MacBook? Well, cheer up as Driveby Repairs has your back. We specialize in screen repairs at reasonable rate. You would just have to pay $849 to get a new screen for your MacBook Pro 13” A2159 quickly and efficiently.
You can rely on us for dealing with your MacBook’s battery problems too, because we all know how annoying a problematic battery can be. Also, our staff expertly handles issues relating to charging ports and rear glasses, so, be our guest for these problems. We would love to serve you.

MacBook Pro 13

At Driveby we believe that technology repair should be convenient and easy. That’s why we offer our services with the very best in mobile MacBook repairs. Whether you need an MacBook Pro 13″ A2159 replacement screen or just some standard MacBook repairs, we can help you to get your phone working again sooner.

Our team of MacBook repair experts can help you by coming out to you and working to get your phone fixed quickly and easily. Our friendly and efficient team work from fully equipped mobile phone repair vans which allow them to perform all the repairs on site so you can get back to life with your MacBook Pro 13″ A2159, sooner.

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On September 12 2012, consumers waited in anticipation for the next iPhone to be released. It was the iPhone 5 and it was going to be the next big thing.

Apple called it “the most beautiful consumer device that they had every created.” There was a staggering amount of innovation and technology shoehorned into a tiny shell. That shell also happened to be super light, super attractive and super-fast. The battery life had been extended and there was suddenly an incredible four-inch retina display to watch all of the YouTube clips on. Apple said, “We think you’ll love it.”


When the iPhone 5 was released, it saw the fourth major redesign to take place, and the second major overhaul for the iPhone’s display.

  • 16:9 ratio which meant no letterboxing, and apps could enjoy an extra row.
  • Touch sensor combined with the LCD which means that the pixels looked like they were painted inside the glass!
  • Custom processor – but 64 GB remained max storage
  • Battery increased to 1440mAh
  • Shift to the nanoSIM
  • Addition of third microphone
  • Change to lighting connector

We want to keep your beloved iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in the same incredible condition that it flew off the factory floor in, back in 2012. So why not trust us with all your iphone 5 screen replacement, iphone 5 screen repair, iphone 5S repairs, iphone 5 replacement screen needs and your iphone 5 repairs Brisbane wide.

We believe in repair when we can, as it’s an environmentally sound solution for your technology. Don’t chance it with anyone else – get in touch with us and trust your iPhone 5 repairs to the people who care: Driveby.

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