Dr. Matt Hansen Plastic Surgeon

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Modification of the shape of the nose to deal with deformity or improve the shape and function of the nose. A substantial part of our practice is dealing with nasal deformity as a result of unsatisfactory surgery performed elsewhere. Planning for surgery is aided by computer imaging of the face where the desired alterations can be made in consultation with the patient pre-operatively. Many different techniques are employed in rhinoplasty and septoplasty and highly individualised planning is required to ensure long-term improvement both in appearance and function.

Face & Neck.

Face-lift & Neck-lift

This is performed both for cosmetic improvement and to help with medical problems such as facial paralysis. Many techniques can be employed and are individually tailored to the patient’s goals and requirements. The focus is on shaping and rejuvenating the appearance, avoiding any hint that an operation has been performed. Surgery usually involves repositioning the deeper layers of the face, including muscle (particularly the platysma muscle in the neck), by adding volume with fat injections where required or trimming excess fat and excess skin. The face-lifting incorporates a wide variety of techniques ranging from fairly short procedures taking an hour or two, through to much more comprehensive operations that can take many hours to complete. The choice of technique requires careful planning and discussion pre-operatively. Essentially, the more extensive the surgery, the longer the recovery will be.

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