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How and if you would utilise Chiropractic Care depends on your approach to pregnancy. Chiropractic care aims to address structural, biochemical and emotional aspects of wellbeing. Chiropractors utilise specific chiropractic adjustments to the spine and pelvis, and care may involve soft tissue and manual therapy, home exercises, and lifestyle advice.

In my office, the main reasons women seek assistance for pregnancy are:

  • Pain of the lower back, symphysis pubis, pelvis, legs, ribs, shoulders, neck, hands

  • Creating optimal room for their baby to move and grow both physically and neurologically

  • Support in achieving a natural physiologic labour, including VBACs

  • The 6-week postnatal assessment to assess pelvic stability and abdominal healing

  • Recovery from pregnancy and labour for both mother & baby

  • Advice on how to get the most out of each developmental stage for their baby

    How may Chiropractic Care help once you’ve had your baby? 

    There are many techniques and therapeutic modalities I can use to support you with:

    • Lower back and pelvic pain

    • Pubic symphysis diastasis & pelvic floor concerns

    • Neck pain, jaw tension, & headaches

    • Shoulder tension & thoracic outlet syndrome

    • Tingling or numbness in the hands (carpel tunnel syndrome)

    • Abdominal separation

    • Milk supply issues, mastitis, problems with latch

    • Tongue and oral tie assessment

      Could babies benefit from Chiropractic Care?

      Intrauterine constraint, exposure to toxins, and even labour itself can be incredibly stressful on a newborn’s body and nervous system. Assisted birth with pulling, instrumentation such as forceps and vacuum, and even the strong forces of natural birth can create injuries to the delicate structures of a neonate. This may manifest in different ways.

      Signs your baby may need to be checked:

      • Irregular skull shape and flat spots

      • Fussiness and unexplained crying

      • Poor latch quality

      • Facial asymmetry

      • Poor movement

      • Torticollis

      • Trouble turning to one side

      • Muscle tightness

      • Colic

      • Reflux

      • Digestive health issues

      • Immune system issues

      • Skin health issues

      • Delayed milestone developments

      • Nerve and brain development

      • Unsettled character

      • Sleep challenges

      • and more…

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