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Hi, I’m Claire and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a non-diet dietitian and I support people to heal their relationship with food and their body. I practice Health At Every Size® and I believe that all bodies deserve respectful, individualised healthcare. I offer face-to-face sessions at my practice location in Perth WA as well as telehealth sessions, so you can choose the option that works best for you.

Am I the right dietitian for you?

I work with adolescents and adults who’ve become disconnected from their body’s intuitive eating cues. This includes people with disordered eating or an eating disorder and is often related to concerns about body weight or shape. I feel this is totally understandable when we think about how appearance-focused our society is and the stigma attached to being at a higher weight. I know that someone’s body shape or size is not a problem to be fixed; it’s the way they’ve been conditioned to think and feel about their body which leads to body image issues.


Heal your relationship with food & your body

A healthy relationship with food is one that allows you to nourish your body and experience the many things that food adds to your life, such as enjoyment and social connection, without feeling guilty or ashamed. If you often feel physically and/or mentally uncomfortable after eating, this could be a sign that your current relationship with food isn’t a healthy one for you. If your eating is concerning you or other people who know you, I’m here to support to have the kind of relationship with food that helps you feel good.

A core part of diet culture is the belief that the only way to feel better about your body is to change your weight or shape. You hold onto the hope that if you can just reach that magical goal, then your life will be better. The truth is that changing your body doesn’t guarantee that you’ll feel any better. Not liking your body is a learned thing, and it can be unlearned. The work we do together will help you to have a healthier relationship with your body, regardless of whether or not your body’s appearance changes in the short-term.


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