Dental on Clarendon

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South Melbourne’s Trusted Choice for Dental Implants

Dental on Clarendon offers complete care when it comes to dental implants, from the placement of the titanium screw dental implants to attachment of the artificial tooth crown. The whole procedure is completed in-house at our modern South Melbourne practice using premium technology. Our central location makes us ideal for those near Albert Park, South bankand surrounding areas. But that said, we welcome patients from anywhere who wish to discuss their requirements with our dental implant professionals in Melbourne, VIC.

The Benefits of a Tooth Implant

Restore your confidence and oral health with tooth implants from our South Melbourne clinic. Implants have several important advantages over dentures or bridges:

  • The procedure can be completed at a similar cost to bridges
  • The implants don’t damage adjacent teeth
  • The implants provide stronger biting pressure
  • The risk of further loss of teeth is reduced through better jaw bone strength
  • There is no need for separate cleaning or care routines
  • They provide better overall comfort than dentures

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