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Dentacare® is a trusted
Australian provider of dental health

Dentacare® has been saving Australians money at the dentist since 1983. For over 30 years, Dentacare members have paid reduced rates at our large network of dentists.

So, how can you reduce your dental costs too?

You simply  join online or send us an email at info@dentacare.com.au, find a participating dentist near you and you’ll pay the lower Dentacare fees, not the private practice fees. This will save you up to 40% off your next dental bill. To find out how much it will cost you per procedure, or to find a dentist near you simply view the feesfind a dentist near you.

If the Dentists fees are lower than the Dentacare fee, the member will get a 5% discount on the dentists fee. The amount charged to the member (on the particular item) will either be the fee detailed on the Dentacare fee schedule, OR 5% off the Dentist’s fee; whichever is the lower figure.

If you also have Private Health Insurance in conjunction* with Dentacare, you can reduce your dental costs even further. You pay the Dentacare dentist upfront and then make a claim through your Private Health Insurance for a rebate. Most practices find it complicated to process both together through HICAPS or other claimable systems, so therefore you’ll need to make a separate claim via your Health Insurance.

Please let us know if there are no dentists in your area or if your current dentist is not a member.

We will call your dentist or see if we can find any dentists in your area that would like to be a part of Dentacare along with hundreds of other dental practitioners Australia wide.

An annual membership is only $69.00 for singles and $49.00 for single seniors. Cover is also available for couples and families. There is no restriction on the number of visits to the dentist, so every time you go, you’re covered and will save on your dental treatment.

*Please check with your dentist prior to using your Private Health Insurance whether certain item numbers are rebatable.

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