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Mulch refers to the material used to cover the surface around the roots of your plants to support its growth. From straw to pine bark, mulch comes in various types and can serve many purposes. It is used to keep the moisture in your soil, protect your soil from disturbance, maintain soil health and reduce weed growth. Serving such a range of functions, mulch can be an invaluable addition to your garden landscaping.

Garden mulches are necessary to reduce water evaporation and for the prevention of weeds. Picking the right mulch for your garden will depend upon what your garden’s aims are – we recommend chatting with the friendly Cobblepatch team and they can offer a suggestion.

For optimal coverage – use at 10cm deep. Mulches also provide nutrition to the soil as they decay and regulates soil temperature. 1 cubic metre of mulch covers 10 square metres (@ 10cm deep).

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