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City Physio’s goal is to find the source of the problem

Reduce your pain and get your back to what you like doing – faster! We pride ourselves on treating each and every patient with care, compassion and attention to detail and providing you a comprehensive set of tools to not only sort the current issue, but prevent it from recurring!.


Physiotherapy in Sydney

About City Physio

We’ve been practising Physiotherapy in Sydney for over 40 years and pride ourselves on running on time! If you have not attended our practice before we ask that you arrive 5 minutes early to fill out a bunch of boring but important paperwork for us!

Our Physiotherapists will then take a detailed history of the injury/ concerns, run through your lifestyle, job, sports/ hobbies and general medical history to form a provisional diagnosis.

They will then perform a detailed examination, explain your diagnosis or contributing factors to you in plain English, treat you using evidenced-based techniques (usually involving hands-on, exercises and personalised recommendations), and set you up with an action plan.

Please bring with you any relevant scans, x-rays or letters from your doctor/ specialist. We do have shorts at the practice for you to change into if necessary. Please bring your private health insurance card on the day as we require the magnetic strip to process on-the-spot health fund rebates!

If you are unsure of how to get to our Sydney Physio practice please feel free to contact us and we’ll happily send you directions.


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6.10 (rear of the foodcourt), 25 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000,2000,Castlereagh,sydney