City Farmers

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Short of coming over to your house and rolling up our sleeves, we’ll do everything we can to keep your gardens greener than your neighbours (we know what makes you tick) with the best fertilisers, mulches, potting and soil mixes and seeds. And because we only employ people who love what they do, we can always offer handy hints and down-to-earth advice. The advice is free and the other stuff is as close to free as we can get, without going bankrupt.

While we’re all part of the same City Farmers family, each store is different and a good handful are exclusively for pets. So before you push your wheel barrow down to your local store, give them a bell first to check they carry garden products.

Looking after the planet is a no-brainer, so wherever possible we stock natural, pet-friendly products that are safe for the environment (including ones that look after our friends: frogs and worms). You can help by choosing these products and disposing of the packaging in a responsible way. Easy!

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