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MacBook Repairs

MacBook Repairs are our specialities. MacBook’s are very well built, very durable and generally fairly high specced and let’s face it not cheap. This makes repairing a damaged MacBook a viable option.  Parts are easy to get, and most repairs are completed in 1-2 days.

We can assist with the following MacBook Repairs:

MacBook Battery Replacements

MacBook Battery replacement with genuine Apple batteries. If you have a MacBook battery that is not lasting as long as it should or infect has very little battery life, we would suggest replacing it ASAP.

Most MacBook Batteries last 2-3 years before showing sign of shortened battery life. We only use Genuine Apple Batteries in all our MacBook battery replacements. All Batteries come with full warranty so you can rest assured your MacBook will work for years to come.

MacBook Battery Replacement Price’s ranges from $149.00 to $289.00 depending on the model.

Once your MacBook battery is not holding a charge anymore, thermal overload can occur (battery swelling) this can damage your laptop beyond economical repair.

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