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Perth’s Most Comprehensive Nutritionist and Wellness Centre

Nutrition is the use of food as medicine. Due to your current lifestyle, refined food consumption, stress levels and genetic pre-disposition you may not be meeting the nutritional requirements your body has to keep you healthy.

Our naturopathic practitioners in Perth use fresh whole foods and naturally derived supplements to re-establish optimum balance in your nutrition,  according to your specific health requirements.

Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. Everyone needs the four basic nutrients – water, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats- as well as vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients. To be able to choose the proper foods, and to better understand why those foods should be supported with supplements, you need to have a clear picture of not only the components of a healthy diet but of your specific body composition and variables.  Your current health status may be dictated by, choice of diet, i.e vegetarian and medication you may be on. Let us work around the choices and situations that make you unique. Let us help you achieve better health.

We provide our patients with recipes to help them follow their new nutritional programs. Our recipes are designed to be quickly and easily put together. No unusual ingredients are used so you can easily find them in your local supermarkets at reasonable prices. Simply getting a little help to adjust an already healthy eating lifestyle may be all you need. Don’t wait anymore, eat yourself healthy!!!

The aim is to help your body function at its optimal level and teach you to stay healthy. We have detox programs, low fat and low carb as well as ketogenic nutritional program options.

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