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At some point in our lives, we’ve all wondered the reason behind walking with a book on top of your head. This old trick has been said to have an effect in your posture but evidence say not necessarily. One doesn’t need a book to your body’s stance.

But why is posture a big deal, you might wonder? Here are the reasons why paying attention to it matters:

Fewer aches and pains

Bad posture forces the body to exert more effort into activities. Whether is it running or simply just walking, the practice of bad posture can cause strain in muscles and ligaments leading to headaches and lower back pains among others.

Easier breathing

Having a good posture makes breathing a walk in the park. Without it, your body will have to exert more effort to breathe in oxygen. As oxygen is known to play a vital role in our bodies, it doesn’t hurt to practice standing or sitting up straight.

Feel better

Aside from other physical benefits, improving one’s posture can make a difference in how you feel and how others see you. Believe it or not, a great stance can bring about a feeling of poise, confidence, and strength.

Need some help to correct your posture? At Beechboro Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, we team up with our clients to ensure you get the best chiropractor in Perth to help you with your concerns. Consult with a chiropractor in Perth now!

Some people fail to see the advantages their bodies can get from chiropractic treatment. It doesn’t help that there are also misunderstandings about its nature and approach. The most common being its purpose is to only crack a person’s back or bones. However, there’s more to this practice than meets the eye.

Here are some signs your body can benefit from a chiropractor:

Chronic headaches

While it can be rooted in various issues, primary headaches can be the result of muscle tension on the neck, on the head, or even poor body posture. A visit with a certified chiropractor in Perth can help alleviate this tension and reduce the pain.

Muscle or joint pain

Whether you have an active lifestyle or not, muscle and joint pains should not be taken lightly as it can be the result of musculoskeletal misalignment. Chiropractors can help adjust these misalignments to relieve the pain and to ensure your body is functioning as it should.

Back pain

Back pain is the most common reason for seeing a chiropractor. Some people opt to brush away the pain and let it go away on its own, however, that is not always the case. It’s best to consult with chiropractors as they specialize in this area.
Chiropractic care aims not just to alleviate your pain but to treat bone and even soft tissue conditions. If you have any of the signs above, book an appointment at Beechboro Chiropractic and Wellness Centre now.

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