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Laptop Service and Repairs Melbourne

Laptop Service and Repairs Melbourne – At Becs IT we provide laptop servicing and repairs for all models and all brands.

We provide repairs for laptops with any issue including:

  • Damaged screens and digitisers
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Hard disk drive failure
  • Water damaged devices
  • Faulty hardware
  • Power socket replacement
  • Power adapter failure

We can assist in upgrades for your laptop:

  • Hard Disk Drive and Solid-State Drive upgrades, for more storage and speed.
  • RAM upgrades, for improved multitasking
  • Operating System upgrades and installation
  • Virus protection software and packages

Looking to get your Laptop serviced or upgraded?

Bring in your laptop to us at Becs IT and receive a FREE NO COST inspection (excludes water damaged laptops). That’s right! We’ll diagnose and quote the job once we identify the issue.

Communication is key and we’ll keep you appraised of the process, we will keep you in the loop. When all is done we’ll give you a call. Feel free to call or pop in if you have any queries along the way.

We’ll even save your data

Laptop Service and Repairs Melbourne – The first thing to fail on your laptop is most likely to be your hard disk. Being mobile by nature, your laptop will encounter more bumps along the way. The delicate hard disk inside won’t like this and give out on you if you treat it badly.

The rare occurrence – For unrecoverable data, we will provide you with as much information as possible as to the reason why your data is irretrievable.

Becs IT provides professional Laptop service and repairs and can have your device fixed within a minimal turnaround time.

Looking to upgrade your laptop? At Becs IT we can help you upgrade your laptop to improve your laptop speed, storage or multitasking. 

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